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Aeropro Coaching & Performance

Get the results you never thought possible.

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Aeropro Coaching & Performance

Get the results you never thought possible.

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Aeropro Coaching and Performance Services is an endurance coaching company based out of Tampa, Florida. We are known for creating stellar training and have athletes ranging from Beginner's to Pro's, which span the globe.


Efficient and effective training programs for all levels. Plans starting at 4-6 hours per week.


We do not stop at workout delivery. Communication is KEY to long term success.


Our philosophy is when athletes understand the WHY they get better results.

Coaching Services

We Build Result Driven Programs

We offer several different options to endurance athletes. Athletes vary on goals, time commitment and budget. We have solutions that get RESULTS!

"Bottom line - Roy Foley at Aeropro Coaching gets results! Most of his athletes are corporate or military professionals with limited time to train. Roy uses innovative training technology and programs to maximize performance. Highly recommended for any athlete looking to get stronger, more powerful, faster, and results!" - Lt Colonel Bryan Dunker.

From weekend warrior to top level professional we have solutions

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What We Cost

Aeropro provides solutions for all levels and budgets. Coaching, bike fit, consulting, threshold testing, zone development, nutrition, indoor training and more. Our products are catered around the needs of endurance athletes


Semi-Custom Coaching

Semi-Custom Coaching

8-12 week plans delivered using Training Peaks.


Structured plans delivered right to you email inbox. Just wake up, workout and get results.


Each plan includes a pre, mid-term and post contact with an Aeropro Coach.

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Custom Coaching

Busy Life or Big Goals?

Weekly adjustments, daily monitoring & custom workouts


Direct contact with coach weekly thru text, email, web-conference or phone.


Strength, nutrition, race  plans & reviews, advance data analytic reviews.

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Threshold Testing

Zone Development

Determine your training levels. Best starting point for any athlete.


We provide all the tools you just show up. Easy way to determine baseline fitness.


After each test we provide a free 30 minute consult to answer your questions.

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Bike Fit

Retul Fit Packages

We offer several packages to fit each athletes individual needs.

Nickel & Dime

What we quote you is what you pay. No additional cost involved


We are not loyal to a bike brand or product. No pressure to buy anything.

Get Fit Today!

Indoor Training


Our indoor training center is the best 70 minutes you will spend.


More than just a workout. Learn proper form, tips/tricks and coaching feedback.

Improve Your Outdoor Riding

We will show you how indoor training will make you a stronger outdoor rider.

Up Your WATTZ ™



Design what works best for you based on need or budget.

A La Carte Options

Consulting, Motor Pacing, 1-on-1 Training, Data Analysis, Program reviews & more>>>


Aeropro has the resources to help with any endurance performance needs.

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Aeropro Bike Fit Services

"Roy has been providing me with professional fits for the last 8 years.   I can use anyone but my trust in Roy is the reason he will always be my go to fitter.   As a Category 1 racer and Master National Champ my bike fit is extremely important to my performance."  
- Ken Vida Cat 1 Racer, Masters National Champ.

Semi Custom


Aeropro offers a variety of 8-12 week packages ready for you to get started. Select a plan, consult with our coaches and get rolling.

"Using Aeropro Training program and Pat Jennings has helped me improve my Cycling skills and took my fitness to a whole new level. Before I was just riding my bicycle, but now  With Pat's’wealth of knowledge and the ease and efficiency of the program I have the confidence that I can meet my goals in a timely manner. By using the Training Peaks program and having Pat to consult with  I could easily track my progress and analyze my strengths and where I need to improve." 

Joanie Flaherty
Recreational Rider

Aeropro Club Membership

Become part of our TEAM membership has it's privileges.

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Client Testimonials

Check out what our clients say about our coaching, testing and bike fit services.

My love is Time Trials,  my record before Roy was spotty and dismal at best.   A year later the results are phenomenal.    By following the plan you will reap the results!!!

Allen Hughes 70+ Sr Champ

If you want to train smart, achieve more than you ever dreamed possible, be the best you can possibly be and have fun along the way, Coach Roy Foley is who you want on your team.  

Kate Greenough
Top Level Female Triathlete

Had a bike done to get ready for six gap. Before the fitting, feet and arms were uncomfortable but now can get through 60+ miles very comfortable and can push myself for next level.

Gary Searls
Bike Fit Client

We help you reach the goals you never thought possible.

Aeropro offers one of the most comprehensive programs in the country. Check out some of our features & benefits.

Proven Plans

Our training plans have been tested time and time again. We are the leader in results driven programming

Data Analytics

Data is our competitive advantage. Aeropro's ability to track, monitor and adjust training is a key ingredient.

Professional Coaches

We have two full-time coaches who do this 24/7. This is not a hobby but our profession to help you get results

Strength Training

Endurance athletes need strength training. We provide a web based solution so ALL of our athletes can make strength gains.


Our nutrition coaching provides athletes a way to fuel and recovery properly. We  have great success with helping athletes reach their ideal weight target.

Add-on Services

Camps, Retul fits, threshold testing, Pose running, indoor Zwift/Wahoo training, AERO optimization, un-bias product review and product discounts.


Our creative team of amazing coaches

Our coaches are specifically trained to ensure your needs are 100% satisfied. All of our coaches are licensed and trained to help you be your best

Roy Foley

Head Coach

Head coach, Bike Fitter, Road Racer and Multi-Sport Athlete.

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Pat Jennings

Lead Aeropro Coach

Aeropro Coach focus on Masters Athletes

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Tiffany Pellegrino

Aeropro Coach

Focus on developing beginners and female cyclist of all disciplines

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Marc Boults

Aeropro Coach

Cycling Coach & Road Racer

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Michael Pellegrino

Aeropro Coach

Aeropro Coach & Main Cycling Camp Coach

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Natalie Cammis

Head of Logistics and Daily Operations

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Our Latest News

Our UP YOUR WATTZ blog is a wealth of information on coaching, technology and everything else to help endurance athletes train smarter

Bike Fit and Aerodynamics

Bike fit is as hotly contested as the global warming debated. Forums, social media, local bike shop, and every cycling blog you can find is filled with bike fit debates.

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Trainer Smarter

Endurance sports training require a specific type of progression. A one size fits all approach just will not cut it. 80/20, HITs, LSD and the list goes one.

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Trainer Smarter

Most endurance athletes have come to realize the importance of training in levels. With improvements in technology and best practices, we’ve come to learn the necessity of spending specific amounts of time at different levels.

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