Pat Jennings

No cookie cutter WKO's from this coach.   Every workout is customized to your most recent performance.  Each athletes program is tailored to his/her goals and ability.   Roy Foley is a coach who cares deeply about his athletes, who has a unique ability to achieve results beyond expectations.  It's a formula that has produced remarkable results for me.  16 events , 12 PR's. Enough.  


Allen Hughes

My love is Time Trials,  my record before Roy was spotty and dismal at best.   A year later the results are phenomenal.    By following the plan you will reap the results!!! 


Jake Rehacek

I have trained with Roy for a long time.   He has helped me loose over 30lbs and become competitive in road racing and triathlon.  He provides personalized training and nutrition plans, each athlete is an individual case.  Roy's training plans are science based and constantly evolving based on the latest training and nutrition data.  Personalized workouts, race plans, bike fits, video run analysis and more.   


Kate Greenough

If you want to train smart, achieve more than you ever dreamed possible, be the best you can possibly be and have fun along the way, Coach Roy Foley is who you want on your team.  READ MORE!

Samantha Tromly

In an endless sea of cycling and triathlon coaches, Roy Foley at Aeropro Coaching is a STANDOUT!  A science background coupled with USAC and USAT certifications, Retul certified and being a Wind Tunnel Expert/Operator set him apart from the majority of coaches on the market.  Whether you're looking to finish your first road race or prepare for 70.3 Worlds, Roy is ready to get you there.  READ MORE!

Lucien Brady Price

I've been with Aeropro for a couple of years now, !nd I have witnessed first hand that coach Roy puts his athletes needs well above his own.  You can see and feel the passion in everything he does, and we always know we're in good hands.   He not only tailors the training for each individual, but he gets o know the personality of each athlete to create a deeper understanding of what their needs/wants are as a person and athlete.  READ MORE!


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