About Us

We are an endurance coaching group providing results-driven programs.

Aeropro Coaching has a proven method of coaching all levels of athletes.  From the top level racer's to the athlete who just wants to improve their current level of fitness. Our range of services allows us to provide solutions for all individuals.

Our team of coaches are made up of a wide range of experience and athletic disciplines. This diversity provides different perspectives when designing an athlete's individualized program. Experience, knowledge, team approach and results driven programs allow our athletes to do things they never thought possible.


AEROPRO'S head coach Roy Foley is an accomplished athlete himself and incorporates many of his life's lessons into programs. After graduating from college Roy worked in the insurance industry for serval years moving up the corporate ladder. One day he decided to follow his true passion for coaching. He left the secure well paying job for the uncertainty of performance coaching. Roy's start was at his local bike shop where he became a certified fitter and later mastered the use of Retul technology. Roy's path would take him in the direction of becoming the first fitter to work in the worlds only valid mobile wind tunnel, called the Speed Tunnel. It is here was Aeropro started to become a reality. The operator of the wind tunnel was given the name "The Aeropro" and from that point forward the name has become synonyms with performance.

Roy started to work with professional teams including Hincapie U23, 5 hours Energy P/B Kenda's Frankie Andreu's Team, UK Youth Professional Cycling Team owned by Nigel Mansell, Michelle Jones Olympic Silver Medalist and most recently the US Olympic Team. Roy's experience is second to no one in the industry as he has worked with some of the top athletes in the world.   But, you will find that he treats every athlete the same.  From the weekend warrior to the experience professional the level of care never changes. A quote you will hear Roy say "just because it is your hobby and you do not make a living at it, does not make it any less important". He backs up these words with a professional level of service each and every time. You will never witness Roy provide a different level of service to someone trying to win their local 5k over a World Championship. To him it is all the same, a person following a goal and he provides his passion for success.


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