Aeropro Athlete Perks

Partner offers and Discounts available only to Aeropro Athletes
Aeropro is fortunate to have some great partners who support our athletes.  Besides excellent coaching we provide our athletes with product, service recommendation as well as discounts. Our approach is holistic and there partners allow us to provide the very best.


Aeropro selects preferred shops in different regions so our athletes know they are getting the very best service. V02 Max is located in San Antonio Florida and provides VIP treatment and 20% off of products. The shop owner Pierre provides best in class service, knowledge and support.  Contact: 32807 Pennsylvania Ave. San Antonio, FL 33576 . (352) 534-0888



Aeropro selects preferred shops in different regions so our athletes know they are getting the very best service. Bike Sport is locate in Oldsmar Florida providing Aeropro athletes wth VIP services and discounts. Contact: 3970 Tampa Road, suite D Oldsmar, Florida. 813-475-7240



The Bikery is one of Aeropro's favorite hangouts with outstanding coffee and custom Moots bikes it is hard to beat. They carry a wide selection of great products and provide Aeropro athletes with a 10% discount. On Fridays Aeropro's Coach Patrick Jennings leads a 90 minute tempo ride. After the ride Aeropro coaches stick around for coffee and answer training questions. next time you are in the area check out this great shop.  Contact Information: 2222 1st Avenue SouthSaint Petersburg, FL (727) 826-0501



Aeropro Coaching aligns with products that support our athletes in achieving success. We never recommend  products or service that does not support our core principles.  Aeropro believes in this product so much that we directly provide our athletes with a discount and not one that comes from the company itself. Most companies promote brands due to incentives but thats not our style. We will never promote a product just because they provide us with preferred pricing. PROBAR is real food which is why we love this product so much.



Aeropro is always looking for new partnerships. If you want to become a Aeropro partner please email us at or call 813-523-8292. If your product or service aligns with our core principles we will add you to the team.

Thank you!