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Endurance, strength & speed

Aeropro's Weekly Programs!!

We are offering endurance athletes the ability to buy weekly training for $9.97. Each week includes cycling workouts outline in an easy to follow document, videos explaining how to perform each workout properly and designed for ANY LEVEL of athletes.

Athletes can customize each program to fit work/life balance. If you cannot finish your weekly training hold off on buying the next week until you have time to complete the prior. Some athletes will need 10 days to complete a week others might finish sooner. You decide when to move forward with the next week of training.

Mix and match categories to customize to your needs. How? We offer three basic categories: Endurance, Strength and Speed. You can elect to perform 8-24 weeks of endurance, 10-12 weeks of strength and 8-10 weeks of speed. Athletes can decide on how many weeks of each category they want or need. Our Aeropro coaches can also assist you in designing the perfect structure.

The example program, 12 weeks of endurance, 8 weeks of strength and 4 weeks of speed for a total of 24 weeks of training. After 24 weeks you can go back to endurance starting at week 13. From week 13 endurance 8 weeks of endurance, 8 weeks of strength and 6 weeks of speed for another 24 weeks of training. You can see the flexibility and endless possibilities.

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Coming SOON!

Coming SOON!

Beginner, Intermediate or Advance?

Aeropro's endurance weeks are set up to improve aerobic fitness, establish a solid base of fitness for future workouts and the best time to lose weight. Each week builds on the next in order to progress fitness over time. If you are just getting back to training or need a little endurance tune-up, our endurance weekly programs are a perfect fit.

What If I have Questions?

The majority of your question should be answered within each training video. We have attempted to include most of the commonly asked questions in order to successfully complete each workout. BUT, in the case we did not address a need or concern please post it on our social media accounts. This will allow several people to learn and help them improve as well. For those who need/want more 1-on-1 time with a coach, we offer custom programs as well as consulting time. The weekly programs are designed to provide an affordable way to get high-quality coaching, customized to your needs and periodized to keep the RESULTS following. Select a link below to go directly to our social media accounts for any questions.

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