Elite Coaching Package

Most customized coaching option
These packages are very limited in order to provide the highest level of service.  Your Aeropro coach will provide the highest level of responsiveness and accountability.  We only allow a few of these spots yearly.   Perfect for the person who expects the best and demands the greatest level of service.

Single sport $350.00
Multi sport $450.00
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You get the works.   You get everything provide by all our other packages delivered through a Premium Training Peaks account.   All our nutrition services are included, basic and advance level.  You will get weekly training analysis of key workouts and objectives,  constant performance tracking and accountability and your plan will be adjusted as much as needed.   Same day responsiveness via text, email, phone or Skype.  


Our Elite package is top shelf service for busy professionals looking for best in class service, top level athletes looking for a competitive advantage or the person who just wants to be the best they can possible become.   This program WILL provide results due to the high level of accountability, responsiveness and direct interaction with your coach.   Your Aeropro Coach is a leading expert in performance training, nutrition, mental focus, aerodynamics/bike fit, endurance strength training and recovery methods.   You will want for nothing with our Elite level plans.


You will want for nothing with this program.   Your coach will provide same day service and be on call to handle all your needs.   We even include weekend communication, race day support when applicable, free product trials and top level discounts on Aeropro products and services.  


"6 months ago I had hip surgery, torn labrum and some bone debridement. I was cleared to begin training 4 months ago for ironman Louisville. I enlisted aeropro coaching with the goal of just finishing. With the individualized coaching provided, not only will I be finishing. I will be aiming for a PR. Do yourself the favor. Research and ask, Aeropro is the way to go." Sean Groome Ironmen Finisher

"I have been with Coach Roy for less than a year and I now can't imagine training without him. He was instrumental in achieving my lifetime goal of completing an ironman. He provides so many services for the price including very personalized training and strength plans for all of us. As well as webinars on key topics. He is very knowledgable and an expert in his field. I don't know how he does it all! He truly gets to know and care about each athlete to help them achieve their goals while providing a team atmosphere which helps to facilitate this even more. I am at my strongest and healthiest and running (my passion) the fastest I ever have. He is a true role model and mentor and amazing person for life and sport and I feel very lucky for the opportunity to be coached by him."  Dr. Colleen Naughton Ironman Finisher

Working with Aeropro

When you work with Aeropro you have a full-time dedicated coach.   We are a professional coaching service that provides meaningful results for everyone we work it.  From the beginner to the season professional.    Accountability, responsiveness, results and athlete services.   Call 813-523-8292 between 10:00-5:00 Monday-Friday or email aeroprocoaching@gmail.com

Package Details

  • Same day responsiveness
  • Unlimited adjustments & reviews
  • Advance level nutrition & strength
  • Weekend communication
  • Email, text, phone or Skype
  • 35% Discounted products & service
  • VIP status level on all appointments

Endurance based coaching group providing athletes tools to improve. Whether you are a beginner or wanting to compete at the highest level, we can help. Contact us  aeroprocoaching@gmail.com or 813-523-8292