Performance Coaching Package

Greatest improvements
Performance package provides a high level of accountability, focus, interaction, responsiveness and custom design.   Athletes at this level see some of the greatest performance gains.  Perfect for the person who wants a higher level of service and responsiveness.

Single sport $200.00
Multi sport $250.00
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Custom built training plan designed weekly around your primary goals and objectives.    Your coach will provide file analysis, periodic overviews of progress, interactive sessions with your coach, 24 hour responsiveness and access to contact with coach over the phone.   When you upgrade to the performance package you will have greater access to your coach, improved response times and just one below our best service package.  


With greater accountability, coaches insight and communication, meaningful analysis and more you will see the great gains in performance.   Many of our State, National and World Champs use this service to allow them to reach their fullest potential.   We have a 100% success rate with Ironman finishers and this is the program of choice the for the greatest test of endurance.    None competition athletes, those who do not race, love this program because of the level of service provided and results are guaranteed.


There are some serious benefits to this plan.  You get to speak with your coach within 24 hours, basic nutrition package, race day preparation and plan,  detailed race file analysis and 20% discount on Aeropro service.  


"Bottom line- Roy Foley at Aeropro Coaching gets results!  Most of his athletes are corporate or military professionals with limited time to train.   Roy uses innovative training and programs to maximize performance.   Highly recommended for any athlete looking to get stronger, more powerful, faster and results!"  -  Bryan Dunker  US Army  National Triathlon Team Member.

"If somebody told me a few years ago what I would achieve athletically, I would have laughed and said "yeah right". Aeropro Coaching has developed my capabilities physically and mentally over the last year while competing in triathlons. Roy Foley is a determined and kind-hearted coach that cares about each and every one of his athletes. He goes above and beyond any coach in the industry. Roy is #1"  - Carly George Cat 3 Top Level Female Road Racer and 2nd Place Finisher Ironman

Working with Aeropro

When you work with Aeropro you have a full-time dedicated coach.   We are a professional coaching service that provides meaningful results for everyone we work it.  From the beginner to the season professional.    Accountability, responsiveness, results and athlete services.   Call 813-523-8292 between 10:00-5:00 Monday-Friday or email

Package Details

  • 24 hour responsiveness
  • Advance communication package
  • Data anaylsis, pre/post race data review
  • Basic nutrition package
  • Weekly plan modifications
  • Priority appointments
  • Advanced level coaching accountability

Endurance based coaching group providing athletes tools to improve. Whether you are a beginner or wanting to compete at the highest level, we can help. Contact us or 813-523-8292