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Do I have to be a RACER?

80% of the athletes we coach will never race. Aeropro is unique in this way as we work with all levels. From the top level National performer to the person who just wants to improve. This makes our environment something really special.

What kind of services do you offer?

Aeropro provides endurance athletes everything needed to perform to their best ability. Coaching, consulting, nutrition, strength, threshold testing, bike fit, 1-on-1 sessions, motor pacing, camps, indoor Zwift workouts, detailed data analytics, race prep and breakdown and group training.

Do I need a POWER METER?

NO, you can perform all of our training on feel, heart rate or power. We have no requirements with respect to power. BUT, a power meter is the best investment you can make. Collecting data allows us to provide some powerful feedback.

How Do I Get Started?

For custom coaching, we like to set up a phone consult to discuss your needs. During the consult, we will address all your questions and come up with a package that best suits your needs. We will follow up with a start-up packet and once returned we will get you rolling.

Whats the difference between CUSTOM and SEMI-CUSTOM?

Custom coaching is designed for those with specific needs or busy schedules that require adjustability. With custom athletes, they pay a monthly fee with no long-term contracts. The custom plans include daily monitoring of training, adjustments, coaching contact, strength, nutrition and several other features. Semi-custom are pre-packaged 8-12 weeks plans. These are designed for those who do not need the adjustability or monitoring of a custom approach. We do assign a coach to guide you but communication is limited. Both plans are a great value and ALL provide proven RESULTS!

Why do I need a coach?

Aeropro coaches provide a proven structure for improving. From the newest athlete to seasoned professional everyone wants to improve. Aeropro can provide weekly goals, structured work, answer your questions and help you reach your goals. We do all the homework to make sure your time training is the most effective and efficient.

Fitting and Testing

Why do I need a bike fit?

The majority of bike injuries and discomfort are from a poor position on the bike. A poorly fit bike could end up injuring someone to the point they cannot ride any longer. Also, the quickest way to improve is to ensure you are properly fitted in order to get the most performance out of your ride.

What should I bring to fitting?

Come as you would if you are riding minus your helmet. We will provide everything you need. If you have other saddles, stems and shoes you want to test out bring them also.

Are there any other fees?

Aeropro has designed our programs to be the most valued in the industry. We do not nickel and dime our clients with add-on fees. All your adjustments are included and with certain packages, we even include foot support and stems.

How often should I get a fit?

Anytime you change your bike, shoes and saddle you should be fit. Also, it is a great practice to be refit once a year in order to maintain a proper position. Aeropro offers prior fit customers a GREAT deal on refits. If you had a fit for us within 2 years we will do a refit for $100.00. Must be same bike and setup, please. New bikes or setup's we will do for a discounted price if the fit was within 2 years.

Is my bike the right size for me?

Aeropro can help you with sizing your next bike purchase or confirm your current bikes sizing. It is our recommendation you contact us prior to your next purchase so we can ensure you get what is needed. We have ZERO bias on bike brand as we are not a bike shop. We just sell fittings and you decide on the brand that is best for you.

Do I need footbeds or orthotics?

Aeropro has been using some form of foot support since day one. We believe a great fit starts from the ground up. Our G8 Performance Fit includes a pair of orthotics and Retul for just $275.00.

What is threshold testing?

Threshold testing provides a baseline for your current fitness level. Once your threshold is determined we can establish training levels or intensities. Many training plans start with this type of testing to help you better organize and track your training.

How Should I prepare for testing?

For threshold testing, you should come in well rested and hydrated. Also, make sure you eat 2.5-3 hours prior to testing. You will bring your riding or running gear, bottle with fluids, computer and heart rate and/or power meter.

How often should I perform testing?

Every 8-12 weeks is our recommendation to help track current fitness levels. In addition, you can confirm if the training you are doing is working.

Current Aeropro Athletes

What is the difference between Performance and Elite?

Our coaching packages allow each athlete a chance to select the service that best suits their needs. The higher the service level the more adjustability, communication, response rates and 1-on-1 coaching you receive. If you want a top-shelf package you would go with Elite coaching.

What are Aeropro's hours?

Monday thru Friday 10 AM to 5 PM standard business hours. We do offer packages to provide for after hour service and weekends. We also offer appointments outside of hours upon request.

Do you have contracts?

No, we do not have long-term contracts but we do require a 30-day notice of cancellation. This allows us to cycle you out of the program and bring on new Aeropro athletes.


Get Started

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