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Ironman Training Program

Ironman Chattanooga Program $250.00 per month

Aeropro's custom package is specifically designed for the demands of Ironman Chattanooga.


Athletes will be provided with a combination of custom training, team training, nutrition and all tools needed to successfully complete Ironman CHOO.

Custom Training Plan

Premium Training Peaks with weekly customized training. These programs are not GENERIC.

Coach Communication

You will have access to your coach daily as needed and monthly web conferences to review Ironman training progress.

Additional Features

Endurance strength programs, nutrition tracking & guidance, race plan, support brick workouts and team kits.

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100% of Aeropro athletes that following the training complete Ironman.

What your Ironman package will include and we limit this to 8 athletes only.

Custom Plans

Our training plans have been tested time and time again. We are the leader in results-driven programming

Results Backed By Data

Data is our competitive advantage. Aeropro's ability to track, monitor and adjust training is a key ingredient.

Professional Coaching

We have two full-time coaches who do this 24/7. This is not a hobby, it is our profession to help you get results.

Team Training & Race Support

Endurance athletes need strength training. We provide a web-based solution so ALL of our athletes can make strength gains.


Our nutrition coaching provides athletes ways to fuel and recovery properly. This is a key element of IM training and racing.

Add-on Services

Camps, Retul fits, threshold testing, Pose running, indoor Zwift/Wahoo training, AERO optimization, un-bias product review and product discounts.

“I've been with AeroPro for a couple years now, and I have witnessed first hand that coach Roy put his teams needs well above his own. AeroPro to me is family, and we all care about one another because Roy sets that example. You can see and feel the passion in everything he does, and we always know we're in good hands. He not only tailors the training for each individual, but he gets to know the personality of each athlete to create a deeper understanding of what their needs/wants are as a person and athlete and how to best accommodate..”
Brady Price  |  Triathlete
“Bottom line - Roy Foley at Aeropro Coaching gets results! Most of his athletes are corporate or military professionals with limited time to train. Roy uses innovative training techniques and programs to maximize performance. Highly recommended for any athlete looking to get stronger, more powerful, faster, and results!.”
Bryan Dunker  |  Us Military
“6 months ago I had hip surgery, torn labrum and some bone debridement. I was cleared to begin training 4 months ago for Ironman Louisville. I enlisted aeropro coaching with the goal of just finishing. With the individualized coaching provided, not only will I be finishing. I will be aiming for a PR. Do yourself the favour. Research and ask aeropro is the way to go.”
Sean Groome |  Roadie Ironman
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Getting Started

Contact us once you have committed to Ironman Chattanooga. The program will start January or February giving athletes 8-9 months to prepare.

Ironman Chattanooga Team

Our Chattanooga Team approach to training.

Our program will be solely based on what it will take to have a successful Chattanooga Ironman. This will allow us to provide you with a customized experience within a team of 8 sets.

During the weekdays each athlete will have their own specific focus. The weekends will be opened up for team style training. The longer ride runs and support brick workouts.

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50 Successful
Ironman Finishers
Weekly Customized
Multi-Sport Training.
Full-time Coach
Coach Supported Bricks & On Race Day

Some Highlights

We are not only offering workouts but a full-scale program. Bricks, nutrition, indoor Wahoo/Zwift workouts, monthly meeting and more

With one race focus, we can truly provide a customized experience.

  • Premium Training Peaks Account
  • Customized Multi-Sport Workouts NOT GENERIC
  • May, June, July and August Coach Support Bricks.
  • Nutrition/Recovery Plan & Sample Products
  • Coach Will Be On Site At Your Race
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