Threshold Testing

Using specific protocols we test your limits so you get more out of your training.  


What are you made of?  Our body composition services is the perfect start.  Check out our packages.

Retul & Bike Consulting Service

When it comes to performance bike fitting we meet and exceed all expectations.    

Pose Run Specialist


Our experience working with all types of endurance athletes
can help map your road to success.  Consulting services are perfect for the person looking for some direction.


From weight loss to race performance we have you covered.  Our proven methods are safe, healthy and effective.


Aeropro's performance services is a tool box for any athlete to improve on their performance.   These are stand alone services that do not require any type of coaching commitments.    Each service provided is performed using proven methods & technologies.    From body fat checks to blood lactate threshold testing we have your covered.  


Improved training efficiency, improved eating habits, increase muscle mass,  shortened learning curve and reduction in injuries.   Each performance service addresses key areas every athlete should focus on.     


All testing and consults are performed in a professional manor, in a clean environment at Aeropro's head quarters.   We do not only administer the testing but we review the results and give you feedback on how this can improve your training.       


"I cannot say enough about my experiences with AeroPro. Top notch coaching and support, quality instruction, and of course PRs! A great tool for anyone with Adult Onset Athleticism."  - Courtney Gomes O'Loughlin Marathoner.

"If you want the best return on your investment, with someone who can get more from you and your performance than you ever thought you had to give, Roy is the coach for you. He will never ask more from you nor expect more from you than he gives of himself. To be a part of aero pro coaching and the quality athletes and people he attracts is a privilege. He helps you train your body and mind, and you become a better human being in the process. Like I said, the best return on your investment"  -  Brian Harrington, Attorney At Law and avid cyclist.  



  • Cycling or run blood lactate testing
  • We use Lactate Scout and all supplies included in cost
  • Testing performed in a clean environment using strict protocols
  • We use lactate balance point protocol
  • SpO2 monitoring and reporting
  • Custom training zones with report
  • COST:   $150.00
Blood lactate testing offers endurance athletes a crucial look at their current fitness level.  This test will provide the necessary components to assess current form & fitness as well as creating custom training zones.  This test was once only available to elite athletes, but now all athletes can obtain this date to increase the effectiveness of their training.    Testing takes about 1 hour requiring the athlete to come fully rested, hydrated and fueled.    Athletes learn a great deal during these testing sessions.
  • Medical grade caliper testing
  • Determination of muscle mass, fat percentage, resting metabolic rate & ideal race composition.  
  • Body composition goals
  • Daily non-workout and workout day calorie burn rates 
  • Discounted follow up testing  
  • COST:  $75.00 per session
Body fat testing is used as an assessment of changes in body composition due to diet, athletic training  and body weight changes.  Body composition testing will provide insight into your idea percentage of body fat for peak and non-peak periods of training.  You will be provided some target ranges to maintain at certain times of the year or training phases.   Testing takes approximately 1 hour which includes consulting time.
  • Learn to run injury free
  • Review of Pose concepts
  • Before & After video analysis of run form
  • Custom run drills
  • Review of training concepts, ideas and model workouts
  • COST:  $75.00 per 1 hour session additional sessions billed at discounted rates.
Improve your run technique today!   Proper technique is the cornerstone of every sport that include human movement.  Running is no different.    In order to run faster, run longer, avoid injuries & reduce impact on your body you need to improve technique.     We are Pose Run Specialist trained by the inventor of the POSE method Dr. Romanov.    For more information on the POSE method of running check out POSE METHOD.
  • Program design review
  • Data analysis and road map
  • Review training ideas and collaborate on best plan of action
  • One on one training session designed specifically for your needs
  • Race plan review
  • Great for do it yourself athletes looking to confirm training direction.
  • COST:  $100 per hour
  • Weight loss
  • Performance nutrition program
  • Ideal race weight and diet programming
  • Supplement review and recommendation.  Free samples of any recommendations.
  • Custom nutrition plan based around your goals, lifestyle and eating habits
  • Recipe, meal planning & following up accountability.
  • COST:  1 hour single session $100.00.   Nutrition coaching for race performance, weight loss or body composition change sold in 12 week packages for $225.00 includes 2 body composition test.  

Endurance based coaching group providing athletes tools to improve. Whether you are a beginner or wanting to compete at the highest level, we can help. Contact us or 813-523-8292