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Real Gains On 6-8 Hours Per Week

Endurance sports training require a specific type of progression. A one size fits all approach just will not cut it. 80/20, HITs, LSD and the list goes one.

Roy Foley
January 29, 2018

Gains On 6-8 Hours Per Week

Endurance sports training require a specific type of progression.   A one size fits all approach just will not cut it.   80/20, HITs, LSD and the list goes one.  The simple fact there is a correct structure that gets results.  Just doing workouts for the sake of exercises is a FLAWED approach.  We understand HITs makes you feel like your doing something or fits your time budget, but in the end, it might not be the proper stimulus.

We have developed a 6-8 hour approach that gives athletes the same benefits as those spending 20-30 hours.   Yes, it will take you a little longer, but in the end, our proven methods will help you realize the gains equal to those doing 2-3x more volume.

Blended Approach

One of our approaches utilizes Zwift and smart trainers. The use of technology cuts away a lot of the inefficiencies within "The Old School" approach.  Our program leverages trainer sessions with outdoor riding for the perfect blend, that gets results.

power trend90 minute

This image shows one of our athletes 90-minute power trend. She is a tenured athlete and gains tend to come slower.  We introduced our new blended approach and she is thriving with less volume. By monitoring her progress, tracking analytics we are able to prescribe the right dose of workload and type. Using a mixture of Zwift and outdoor riding she is seeing solid progress.

Peak 10 minute power

We have another veteran athlete who is seeing NEW gains using the Up Your Wattz™ approach. This chart is showing you their 10-minute power best trend. They are training 7-8 hours per week and seeing peak powers they never have in the past.

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The charts above are basic peak power trends.  It is black and white; you are either progressing or not.   Additionally, we provide a holistic overview that provides a specific structure for each athlete depending on the phase of training, goals and physiology.  This is not some hodgepodge of workouts.   We are using a systems-based approach that is proven to give results.   Let's check out a sample of how this works.


Our example athlete is currently stuck on a trainer 3-4x per week.  Aeropro's typical TIME CRUNCHED athlete spends 2-3x per week on a trainer and 1-2x per week outside.   Even if an athlete can train 5-6x a week outside we recommend 1x a week on a trainer to develop proper technique with interval performance.

Weekly Training

Each athlete is set up with a custom Training Peaks account.  Within this system, we provide individualized workouts and data tracking.  Our example athlete uses Zwift paired with a Wahoo smart trainer.  Our programs instruct them on the course to select, goals within each training session and provide a detail description of workout objectives.

Workout Details

Once a workout has been completed, we can provide athletes with meaningful feedback.  The analysis part of the program allows us to show an athlete how well they performed and areas of improvement.  Finishing a workout is great but doing it correct is a crucial driver of an athlete's success.


Post Workout Review

This image shows the finished product of our athlete's workout.  Armed with this we can see if the athlete was compliant with the workout. Did they hit key targets and insight can we provide so they keep improving? This athlete KILLED IT!

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Time In Zone

We can take a little deeper look to confirm time spent within training levels. The workout called for hard tempo and it is pretty easy to see they nailed it. This type of review allows us to provide customized feedback. 

In The End

Some may feel this is a very rigid style or there is too much technology. Trust us no one enjoys riding bikes more than us or believes there is no greater joy than 3 plus hour rides outside. But, we also know one common FACT amount ALL cyclist. Everyone wants to go FASTER. This program is not for every rider but for those with 4-8 hours of training time we have witness quantifiable improvements.

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