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Check out our 10 step fit approach to see how we build each fit specific for the rider. From new rider to grand tour professionals Aeropro fit service is the leader in the industry. We are one of the only fitters in the nation with hundreds of hours logged inside a wind tunnel. That wind tunnel is currently parked at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. We have the experience, knowledge and technology to meet all your needs.

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Aeropro Bike Fit Services  


Aeropro coaching blends the best technology, customer service and experience to provide a true custom fit.    Our fit protocols come from many years of trial and error.   At the center of our fit process is Roy Foley, he has performed 1000s of rider fits on all levels, styles and disciplines.    His experience includes Specialized BG, Guru, Fit Kit and Retul systems.     He blends the best of all systems, biomechanics knowledge and experience to come up with your personalized AEROPRO RETUL.


Aeropro offers the most flexible bike fit options in the industry.    Each level of service provides a unique experience allowing riders to choose from 3 packages.    Our goal is to provide the best fit experience possible absent of hidden charges and hassle.  Start with selecting  a Aeropro fit package that best meets your needs. Next setup your appointment today by phone 813-523-8292  or email or use our automated  appointment system.


We like to listen to you which is one key difference with our fits.  Yes, we are the experts but you give us the road map and feedback needed to provide the best fit possible.   Each fit starts by going over your needs, goals, issues, injuries, type of riding, potential events and/or races.   This first step is the most important in designing a true custom fit experience.   

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Step 3: Bio-Mechanics Assessment

After the interview process we take you through specific movements that provide insight on how we should proceed with your fit. During this assessment we review all 3 arches to check how they function, review stance loaded and unloaded, check how your body moves during a series of simple drills, test specific areas of flexibility, asymmetries, pelvic position and much more.  Each assessment is different depending on the rider. 

Why is this step so important?  saddle height, cleat placement, height of bars and the need for proper foot support all depend on this assessment.    One misconception of bio-mechanic assessments are we only care about leg length issue.   This is far from accurate due to the fact that 99.9% of riders have some type of discrepancy.  We do not need a fancy assessment to determine you are not perfect.     What we do need is the cause of  discrepancies.  Is it a functional issue that can be resolved with some personal body maintenance? OR do your arches not function properly? OR do you need some pedal mechanics clean up?    

This is one area we have a leg up on everyone else.  Working closely with one of the best biomechanics experts in the industry we are able make proper assessments and a plan of action.  Thompson Rolfing is a leader in the field of Rolfing which is all about how the body functions and improving your biomechanics.   Aeropro seeks their input when needed to ensure we are providing the very best experience for each rider.  

Check out a few videos design by Rebecca to help endurance athletes fix some common issues.  

1) How to fix your neck pain on the bike


2) FEET!!!  Aeropro believes  feet are the KEY to a good bike fit.   It is impossible to set up a rider properly without the correct feet, shoe & pedal setup.   Check out this video with tips to improve your foot function. 


How does Aeropro address feet?   Thanks to Thompson Rolfing and Body Working By Becca we have come up with a perfect solution to reviewing the function of someones foot and provide the needed changes for cycling.  Our methods include homework like the video above, foot support and some need a little more TLC requiring a visit to the Rolfing Center.

FOOT SUPPORTS!!!  This has become big business in the world of sports and specifically bike fitting.   There are numerous products on the market but few provide a way to improve a riders foot function.   As you just saw in the video a healthy foot has 3 dynamic arches. When your foot is held in a static position and pressure is applied you are causing damage.    Most arch supports on the market today force your foot into a fixed position not allowing it to function properly.   Molded arch supports only promote poor foot function.   WHY?  if you are like 99.9% of athletes your foot is not perfect and functions poorly.   By molding arch supports to poorly functioning feet you are just promoting bad mechanics and risking potential injury.  

Aeropro uses a specific type of arch support that promotes proper function of your feet.    These supports allow your foot to move naturally while providing the needed support under load.   As your foot function improves adjustments can be made allowing your foot to see continued improvement over time.     There is a reason we spent a big chunk of text on STEP 3.  

Step 4: Baseline Retul 3D Measurement Current Position

At this point you are about 20-30 minutes into the bike fit process.  The next step is getting on your bike to check current bike position. Aeropro uses the Retul 3D motion capture systems for all our measurements.   Currently, this is the most accurate way to measure a riders position on the bike, under real cycling loads and providing 3D measurements.  During this stage you will be required to pedal under different loads to simulate real riding conditions.  Data is collected without the rider ever having to stop pedaling.   Fit systems that require you to hold a fixed position and than take measurements with tools purchased at a home improvement store have no place in a bike fit.    Improper bike fits are one of the leading causes of injury. 

UK Youth check out article.  Tunning Champs

Step 5: Adjustment & Explanation

The moment we all have been waiting for, THE CHANGES!  After your initial data collection we explain all the recommended changes and why we are making these adjustments.   The areas addressed include:

  • Pedal mechanics & foot interaction
  • Adjustment of cleat position & review of arch supports.  
  • Address left/right imbalance
  • Saddle position:  height, fore/aft & saddle tilt.  
  • Saddle type, we review how your current saddle fits your body and make recommendations.
  • Pelvic alignment
  • Reach to handlebars
  • Height of handlebars
  • Width of handlebars
  • Ergonomic positioning of bar & shifters
  • Back angle adjustment based on type of fit.  Road aggressive vs.  non-aggressive,  short time trial vs. long time trial, short course triathlon vs.  long course triathlon.  Each fit is designed around your rider assessment and needs.
  • Road, TT, TRI, Crit, MTB & leasuire fits are all different and treated accordingly

 This part of the process takes about 30-40 minutes.  You will be asked to ride on a trainer under various loads, get on and off as adjustments are made and provide feedback on how the fit feels.   Each step of the way we ask for your input as this provides the best possible results.  

Step 6: Final Retul 3D Measurements & Comparison

At this point you are 60-70 minutes into the bike fit process.  The final Retul measurements are collected and compared with initial results.  We can actually show you the changes objectively.    This is one of the biggest advantages of Retul in that you can see your before & after position.  Once we finalize your Retul 3D measurements we go one step further by removing all the technology and just have you ride.  This step allows us to observe what you are doing and ask additional questions before we call it a day.   Once we are both pleased with changes your bike is measured and saved in our database

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Step 7: Fit Coaching

Tour de France Champ Greg LeMond

Almost finished.  Aeropro does not believe that your fit is done once all the bolts are tightened.  We provide additional guidance on how things should feel in the upcoming days.  Tips are provided to each rider  to get the most out of each fit.   We even go a step further by providing our contact information for any follow-up questions or concerns.  The true test will be when you are out on the roads not a trainer.


You are finished and it took about 90-120 minutes from start to finish.   Before we walk you out the door we look over your bike to address any foreseen issues or needs.   We will give recommendations on saddles, handlebar, stems & anything else attached to your bike BUT we do not sell parts.     The only cost involved will be your fit relieving any concerns of walking out the door over budget.   Aeropro highly recommends going back to your local bike shop as we support them every chance we get.  

Does my bike fit me? This is the most common question I am asked during a bike fit.  95% of the time the answer is yes but on occasion we do run into some issues.  Our experience and technology will help  decide on which bike and size fits best suits you.  We are able to give our honest opinion with ZERO bias on brand.  

Step 9: Follow up

Aeropro always recommends you give your new bike fit  6-8 rides before making any adjustments.  It is best to keep your first few rides to no more than 90 minutes.  When in doubt just contact us for our fit coaching.   It takes some time for your body to settle into a new fit so be patient.   After your break-in period if you need additional tweaks set up a follow-up appointment so we can make it perfect at no additional cost.   See our fit options for more details Aeropro Retul Packages.   Make your appointment today  813-523-8292  or  setup your own time using our appointment system.

Step 10: Final Adjustments

At the follow up appointment we review your prior fit session, perform a brief assessment and perform needed adjustments.  This session typically takes 20-30 minutes and there is not cost to you or hidden fees.   We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the entire experience. 

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Common Q/A:

1) How long does the fit process take?  60-120 minutes

2) What do I need to bring?  bike, cycling shoes, cycling clothing(kit), any saddles you want to fit, stems,  back up pair of shoes if you have, new cleats if you need them installed and a towel.  

3) How should I prepare?  bike in good mechanical condition, new cleats if needed, NO LOTIONS if possible & try to not come into session overly fatigued of sore.  

4) Will I gain POWER?  A common untruth is by dialing in your fit you will see power/speed improvements right away.   This is impossible to predict because no one knows how your body will react.    We have witnessed riders loosing power during the adaptation phase before seeing gains.   Anytime you change body mechanics there is an adjustment period.  

5) Pain vs. soreness.  Riders tend to experience some soreness in areas that become active after our bike fits.  This is normally a good sign but when in doubt contact us.   Sharp or joint pain is not good and will require you to contact us right away.  

6) What are your cost? $225 for Aeropro Performance,  $275 Aeropro Elite,  $350 Aeropro Elite house call & our hourly service is $100 per hour.  

7) Where are fits performed?  1617 N Franklin street, Tampa, Fl 33602 OR we come to you for $350 Aeropro Elite house call.  

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