Aeropro Bike Fit Service

Our bike fit services are designed around the rider and their needs. We offer a variety of fit options to fit every riders need. From the beginnerto the seasoned profession we have you covered. 

Performance Fit Package $225.00
Elite Fit Package $275-350.00
Hourly Fit Package $100 per hour
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Aeropro fit services offers a wide variety of options.  Each program is designed around the individual needs of the rider.    We do not force feed you one option nor are we a bike shop with ties to specific brands.   Our experience comes from working with 1000's of riders of all levels.     Each fit is custom to the rider and we will coach you every step of the way to make it work for you.  Check out the AEROPRO 10 step fit process.  


Comfort, pain relief, increased performance and a fitting experience designed specifically for you.   Our experience, technology and follow-up process ensures you get the fit that is right for you.  


Free follow-ups until we get your custom fit dialed in 100%, coaching along the way and no hidden cost.  After you leave with your baseline fit we will continue to customize it to your liking.     Everyone is different and every fit is specific to you.    See how we differ AEROPRO 10 step fit process.  


"Over the years I have been fit by several fitters.   Roy by far exceeds all expectations with his professionalism, expertise and willingness to help even after the initial fitting.   Roy is highly recommended and I never use anyone else."  - William Graham recreational cyclist.

"Roy has been providing me with professional fits for the last 8 years.   I can use anyone but my trust in Roy is the reason he will always be my go to fitter.   As a Category 1 racer and Master National Champ my bike fit is extremely important to my performance."  - Ken Vida Cat 1 Racer, Masters National Champ.  

"Roy Foley, Speed Tunnel's Aeropro, spent two whole days, pretty much from morning to night, optimizing the rider's position.  The time trial bikes, with the riders on them, then used the Speed Tunnel (mobile wind tunnel) to learn how to maximize the benefits of the rider's position" - Frankie Andreu Professional Cyclist


select a program to fit your needs

  • Initial rider review and goals
  • Current fit assessment comparison with goal fit
  • Body structure assessment including:  foot/arch structure, functional discrepancies and flexibility
  • Custom cleat adjustment and foot support correction
  • Before and after review of adjustments and complete explanation of changes.
  • Copy of bike measurements and review of sizing
  • Equipment/Bike purchase assistance
  • Free follow-ups until your dialed in perfectly,  no hidden fees
  • No affiliation to bike brands so no high pressure sales.  We just sell our top rated fit services.  
  • Get more information about Aeropro's 10 step fit process
  • COST:   $225.00
  • Includes all the items listed under PERFORMANCE service plus
  • Fit adjustments on current bike for 1 year.  Change in fitness, distance, discipline or equipment we have you covered for 1 year.  
  • No charge to transfer fit to a new bikes within 1 year.  **Must be sam type of bike/fit, Road/Road, Tri/Tri or MTB/MTB.  So, if your thinking of getting a new ride we will dial you in on current, help with sizing/equipment choice and fit you on the new ride for 1 great price.  
  • Priority appointment/appointment times.  Need a weekend appointment we can make that happen.  
  • House call option with Elite program.  If you cannot make it to us we will come to you.  For a $75.00 upgrade fee we will travel within 20 miles to perform your fit.   Total cost $350.00 and we will provide follow-ups at no additional fit cost.  ** Travel fee of $50 per follow up if we come to you.  In office are free for 1 year.  
  • Get more information about Aeropro's 10 step fit process
  • COST:  $275.00 in office & $350.00 house call option.
  • Customize your own fit session with our hourly program
  • We use the same technology NOT a water down version.
  • Need a second opinion?  We will check your fit for a fraction of the cost, $50.00.  
  • Testing out saddles or other equipment? We can dial these in based on your needs.
  • Yearly bike fit check-ups
  • Get more information about Aeropro's 10 step fit process
  • COST:  Initial visit requires a 1 hour minimum with additional time billed at 1/2 hour increments.  $100 per hour, $50 per 1/2 hour additional time.

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