Aeropro Wall Of Champions

 Below is the Aeropro Champs Wall.   This wall is dedicated to all the great athletes and their teammates who helped make it possible to do great things.    



Debby Faris 2x Ironman Finisher
Theresa George 2x Ironman Finisher
Carly George 1x Ironman Finisher 2nd place in age
Salene Bowers 1x Ironman Finisher
Cheryl Landon 4x Ironman Finisher
Bruce Landon 4x Ironman Finisher
Cheryl Henderson 1x Ironman Finisher
Colleen Naughton 1x Ironman Finisher
Bill Caprio 1x Ironman Finisher
Maria Williams 1x Ironman Finisher
Renee LaFauci  1x Ironman Finisher
Anna Stantz 1x Ironman Finisher
Brenda Walton 2x Ironman Finisher 2nd place in age
Kevin Connell 1x Ironman Finisher
Sean Groome 2x Ironman Finisher

World Podiums & Qualifier

Steve Agronick 3rd Mountain Bike Worlds
Lindsay Yarbrough Ironman 70.3
Debby Farias Ironman 70.3
Russ Patterson Ironman 70.3

Nationals Podium

Ken Vida Master Road Race National Champ
Steve Agronick 2x National MTB Champ
Jim MacPherson 2x 2nd Place MTB Nationals
Bill Renninger 1x MTB National Champ
Bryan Dunker
Rebecca Marsh Time Trial Master Podium
Laurie King Time Trial Master Podium
Allen Hughes Sr Games

State & Regional Champs

Bruno Moreira 3x State Champ, Master Regional Champ
Ken Vida 3x State Champ
Marc Boults 1x State Champ
Steve Agronick 2x State Champ, State Road Race
Samantha Tromly 1x State Champ
Rebecca Marsh 1x State Champ
Laurie King 1x State Champ
Shawn Mellow 1x State Champ
Allen Hughes Sr Games

State & Regional Podiums

Bruno Moreira State Crit and Road Race
Ken Vida State TT, Crit & Road Race
Marc Boults State Crit and TT
Steve Agronick State TT
Mickey Singer 2x State TT
Rebecca Marsh TT & Road Race
Allen Hughes 2x State TT

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