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Cycling Base 5-7 Hours Per Week

Base training for cyclist or multi-sport athletes looking to improve on the bike

Cyclist, Multi-sport Athletes, Event Riders & Recreational Riders
Aeropro Coaching
Tools Used:
Cycling Computer, Heart Rate Monitor, Power Meter


The 9-week plan starts out with some basic aerobic endurance building. The first 5 weeks will set the foundation for the final 3-4 weeks building in tempo/threshold efforts. The plan will end with a capstone 3.5-hour ride. In addition, the plan will build up to 1 hour of hard tempo and 2 hours of steady mid-range tempo.

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What You Should Gain

At the conclusion of plan athletes will come away with the following: 1) Custom training zones 2) Aerobic extensive foundation work 3) Ability to ride at tempo for 120 minutes unbroken 4) Ability to ride hard tempo for 1 hour 5) Start of threshold extensive efforts 5) 3.5-hour endurance capstone ride. 6) Improve overall strength 

What Athletes Need

1) Open to new ideas and training 2) Uploaded able cycling computer 3) Heart rate or power meter. 4) Computer, in order to view Training Peaks and upload ride information 5) Training time 6-10 hours of ride time and 1 hour of strength per week 6) Strength training will require basic free weights or access to the gym

Plan Benefits

 1) Two 4 week training blocks set up to be completed using heart rate or power. 2) Start-up coaching call or email (15-20 minute phone call) 3) Mid-point review upon request. Send us an email request and we will review your training 4) Endurance Custom Strength training program included 5) Discounts on additional coaching consults as needed along the way.


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