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Bike Fit Services

"What a job you did!! No numbness in either hands or saddle pain.
Nailed a 75 mile ride with smoothness and comfort. Watts also
went up. Thanks a million Aeropro. The fit is on the dime."
Allen Zacchino
Recreational Cyclist

Performance Retul Fit

$225.00 - $275.00 

Aeropro's performance Retul package is a great value for any rider. Our pricing is competitive and our services are top-shelf. We perform fits using the latest technology providing the most accurate way to perform a bike fit on the market today. We are a bike fit studio, not a bike shop. Rider's get our unbiased approach without the fear that we are trying to sell them something. After each fit, we send you with a wish list so you can make your purchases at your favourite local bike shop.

What's included:
- Initial rider review and goals
- Current fit assessment comparison with a goal fit
- Body structure assessment including foot/arch structure, functional discrepancies and flexibility.
- Custom cleat adjustment and foot support correction
- Before and after review of adjustments and complete explanation of changes.
- Copy of bike measurements and review of bike sizing, equipment & bike purchase assistance.
- Free follow-ups until you're dialled in perfectly,  no hidden fees, no affiliation with bike brands and no high-pressure sales.  We just sell our top-rated fit services.

- We can come to you for $300 within a 20-mile radius. If you have a GROUP of cyclist we will come to you and offer a multi-rider discounted rate.
- $275.00 will cover all your fitness needs for 1 year. If you change bikes or equipment no need to worry about paying for a NEW fit for 1 full year.

G8 Performance Retul


In our opinion, this is the ideal package for every rider. We believe in this package so much we include a pair of $139.00 G8 Performance foot beds. Aeropro's mission is to provide the best fits in the industry at the greatest value. This package defines our mission.

What's included:
- Everything listed in our Performance Retul outlined above
- 1 pair of G8 Performance footbeds values at $139.00
- $275.00 packages provide free adjustments to current bike.
- $325.00 package provides adjustments to the current bike, new equipment or new bike for up to 1 year.

- Add threshold testing for the ultimate performance packages. Normal cost $100.00, when packaged with Retul discounted to $75.00.

Hourly Retul Services


Aeropro offers a great solution to those do not require a new fit from scratch.
Who is the ideal cyclist for this service?
- Prior Aeropro customers looking for a fit checkup. We offer our prior customers $100.00 fits updates. So, if you had a fit 3-5 years ago lets us update it for you.
- Need a second opinion? If you have recently been fit but want us to double check Aeropro will do it for $100.00
- Need just a BASIC fit? $100.00, we will set saddle and bars up for you using Retul. This is comparable to your local bike shops basic fit but we use RETUL.
- Second bike? We will help match it up for you for $100.00