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Bike Fit Options





Ideal for those looking for a comprehensive fit that goes over every aspect.   If you are experiencing pain, saddle discomfort, numbness or have some injuries this is the fit for you.     Athletes looking for performance gains, improved aerodynamics and confirmation of bike setup are also ideal candidates for this service .  

Each Performance Fit is an individualized 2 hour bike fit coaching session.   We not only address your bike fit but review form and mechanics.   Whats included:​

  • Initial rider review and goals

  • Current fit assessment 

  • Biomechanics assessment 

  • Custom cleat adjustment 

  • Before and after review of adjustments and complete explanation of changes

  •  Copy of bike measurements and review of bike sizing, equipment & bike purchase assistance

  • Free follow-ups for 90 days

  •  no hidden fees, no affiliation with bike brands and no high-pressure sales.  We just sell our top-rated fit services.


CHECK out add-on features below to customize your


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Our Elite fit includes fully custom footbeds.   You will get everything that comes with our Performance Fit plus moldable foot orthotics.    


For athletes experience numbness in their  feet, foot discomfort, instability or poor knee alignment.   Our Elite bike fit is the ideal solution.   Most custom footbeds sell for $300-500.  

We do offer the footbeds by themselves for $200.00.  So, you are saving $75.00 off the regular price with this package.  CHECK out add-on features below to customize your experience



Every rider should have the opportunity to have a proper bike fit.   We believe in this so much we offer a basic bike fit using Retul technology.   We use the same technology as the Performance package.   Part of the joy of cycling is being comfortable,  staying healthy and of course going faster.  

This fit will help you ensure proper saddle height, bar height and stem position.   We DO NOT address cycling form or biomechanics.   Your cleat position is set to neutral  versus our more extensive approach during the Performance service.   

Our fitter will spend 1 hour with you ensuring proper size, basic cycling position and answer any questions you might have.  

There are NO free follow-ups with this service.   Any adjustments will be billed at $50 per 30 minutes.  If you want a more comprehensive approach it is best to check out our Performance and Elite packages

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This is the perfect option for the person getting ready to buy a new bike.   We can help sort thru all the options, make sure, you get the right size and fit your new bike once you make the purchase.    

We are a fit studio and not a bike shop.  So, the brand you desire makes ZERO difference.   We use our sizing bike to help with frame size selection.   Additionally, we can zero in on proper crank length, bar width , stem length and proper saddle.  

We offer just the sizing session by itself for $150.00 or you can have us do the final Retul fit as well for a total of $350.00.   You will get a 1.5 hour sizing session and out Performance fit once you have your new bike for $375..00.

So, whether you are ordering online, buying from your local bike shop or grabbing a used bike this is a great place to start .


 Custom Footbeds

A stable foundation is key to a good fit.  Our custom insole service is a quick and affordable way to improve performance, comfort and reduce risk of injury. 


These are included with our Elite Fit, add it within 6 months of a fit $125.00 and normal cost is $175.00 by themselves. 


Fits For The Year

Worry free fits for 1 year.  Add this to your Performance or Elite fit.  We will fit your current bike as well as any other NEW or additional bike of the same type.  So, road to road bike or Tri to Tri bike.  New saddle, cleats, shoes etc.... No need to pay for NEW fit with this add-on.  

Cost is $125.00 added on to Performance or Elite fits

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Saddle Service

This is an add-on feature to our basic and performance bike fits. 

Having a hard time finding the right saddle?   We offer a service that will fit you on multiple saddles in 1 hour.  By using RETUL we keep your bike fit the same and only change the type of saddle.  Once you find a winner you can test it out to see if you like it!   Cost for this is $100 per hour plus deposit for saddle


Cleats & Hourly Service

New cleats or shoes?  No problem, we offer hourly services to handle minor needs.  We even offer up digital bike measurements so you have a copy on file.  For cleat replacement or copy of bike measurements $50.00. Everything else billed at $100 per hour. 

What They Say About Aeropro

Extremely satisfied with my experience with Roy at Aeropro. Roy took his time with my fit and it the entire experience never felt rushed. Not only does Roy use the Retul to read the fit measurements, he also uses his vast knowledge of preforming fits on hundreds if not a thousands of other clients. His fits are extremely custom to each client and does not take a cookie cutter approach. I would travel a long distance to get fit again by Roy (and plan to in the near future), but I’m lucky enough to have him practically in my backyard.

Andrew Lashlee, Multi Sport



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