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$275-325 (single sport vs. multi)

Ideal for athletes who would like more feedback, held to a high standard of accountability, advanced customization and great access to coach​   Whats included:​

  • Custom Weekly Training .  Adjusted as much as needed to account for schedule changes

  • Paid Premium Training Peaks Account

  • Access to coach by phone weekly.  

  • Priority response to text, emails and VOXER. We respond within 24 hours. 

  •  Feedback on each workout 

  •  Advance  data & analytic reviews of training.  Program adjusted at a higher level with athlete given more input and feedback

  • Race/event Prep included 

  • Basic strength & nutrition 

  • Private group access


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$200-250.00 (Single vs. Multi Sport)

This is ideal for busy working professionals looking to get the most out of their training time.   These programs are also ideal for the category racer looking to push themselves to a higher level.   Lastly, the event rider who wants to prepare for longer and harder events


This program is close to the Elite but with a few less features.  Whats included:

  • Weekly Custom Training no modifications.   We build these one week in advance..

  • Free Basic Training Peaks account

  • Email, text and VOXER communication with coach.  48-72 hours response rate.

  • Weekly workout feedback within Training Peaks.   

  • Basic data analytics reviewed for adjustments in training.   Quarterly feedback provided on training progress. 

  • Basic Strength Program

  • Private group access 

CHECK out add-on features below to customize your




This is for the athlete who just wants a plan customize to them.   No bells and whistle with this one.  You get weekly training with some basic feedback.  

These programs do not provide interaction with coach, detailed analysis, and race/event planing.  This is ideal for the person who understands training very well, who needs very little input and can manage their own progress.   


  • Bi-weekly customized training delivered directly to your email or smart phone.  

  •  Workouts can be loaded directly into training computers or on programs like ZWIFT.  Each are designed based on your time availability and customized TRAINING ZONES.  

  • Monthly communication thru email, text and a private messenger service.  1-2 contact per month.

  • Basic Strength Training 

  • Private group access

CHECK out add-on features below to customize your



$125-175.00 per 8 weeks

​These are 8 week pre-designed programs.   This is a great option for someone on a limited budget or who

just wants some structure added to their training.  If you need feedback, someone watching over your progress and modifications.  This is NOT the plan for you.   These are a great way to get into training or reduce the cost of a program. 

$125-175 (single vs. multi-sport) Includes:

  • 8 weeks of training pre-designed and loaded into Training Peaks.  

  • Each program is designed based on your initial feedback to us.   We do not modify these and they are not designed specifically for you like our custom programs.  

  • Workouts can be loaded directly into your computer or on platforms like ZWIFT.  This makes it very easy to follow. 

  • Communication at the start to ensure we select the right program, mid-term email review and end of plan contact.   

SEE ADD-ON features & services below to customize

your program to your needs

High Performance Package

$550 or more

Ideal for that athlete who wants something that goes the extra step.   These programs require an in-person meeting and evaluation in order to ensure it is a match.   

These programs are ALL one off and designed specifically for you.  Training is highly customized,  we will track everything from food to sleep and everything in-between.    This is our highest level of service because nothing is left to chance.  

This is not for everyone and we only allow 4 people into the program at any given time.  You are required to have a power meter, heart rate, cadence, training computer and SWOOP (heart rate/sleep tracking).   

This program is highly advanced and designed for each individual athlete. 


What They Say About Aeropro

Roy is one of the most dedicated Coaches I've ever meet. I came to Roy to improve on my running and biking. Since starting with him I've realized that I'm capable of so much more than I ever knew possible. With his help I was able to complete the St Anthonys Olympic triathlon. I would recommend Roy for anyone who wants to get better. His resume speaks for itself.

Jermey Stantz, Multi Sport

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