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  • Why do I need a coach?
    A coach can help guide you through a sea of information. As coaches we setup a proper program based on you needs, time and goals. Instead of just workouts you are following a program that should provide results. With a coach you get up each day knowing exactly what is needed for improvement. You will have target and ways to measure your success.
  • Do I need fancy technoloy or a power meter?
    No! Training does not require anything fancy. We can do a lot with preceived effort, feel and speed. But, we cannot quantify or measure gains accurately without the use of technology. So, if your not concerned with quantifying gains you will do just fine. If you decide to add some technology to your training we will help you each step of the way.
  • How much time do I need for training?
    We can feed your a line of BS about you only need 1 hour per week but this would be false. Part of training is making some for of sacrifice. Endurance based training requires a certain level of commitment. So, the best way to answer this question is to give you the ranges we tend to see based on the target. 1) 3-5 hours per week to see consistent gains. When time is limited we use specific protocols to get results. Most fitness level, shorter course event riders, group riders and Cat 5/Sprint Tri racers can see improvements. 2) 5-10 hours per week. This is a solid range of time to make gains every 8-12 weeks. Great for longer events, Cat 3-4 road racing, higher level fitness goals, Centureis and/or half-Ironman. 3) 8-12 hours per week. Gains will come a little quicker. Ideal for Cat 2-3 racers, half and full Ironman athletes, very high level fitness athletes, hard centuries with lots of elevation. 4) 10-20 hours per week. Do you have a job?:) You have plenty of time which is not the limiter of your performance
  • I am not a RACER and I do not care about winning. Do I need a coach?
    Yes, we can help you stay healthy, make consistent progress, keep you accountable and provide a resource for all your questions. When you join Aeropro you become part of our training community. Our group stretches across all 50 states and several countries. The value we provide goes way beyond racing. We have a culture of people who just want to become the best version of themselves.
  • How does endurance coaching work?
    Most of our coaching takes place from a distance. We provide weekly workouts using as online platform called Training Peaks. This software allows us to design specific workouts, provide feedback and track an athletes progress. Athletes will receive all of their workouts in a detail format daily. Athletes can communicate with us by phone, email or video conference. Over the years we have worked with athletes in 20 different countries.
  • How much does it cost?
    We offer a variety of programs with various cost. At the lower end we offer 8 week pre-packaged programs for $125.00 ($15.00 per week). Most people select our month to month custom programs which range from $200-300 per month. The more time, features, feedback, benefits and needs will dictate the cost. We have outlined all out options on our coaching page.
  • How do I get started?
    We email you a packet to be completed prior to starting training. Our documents will build an athlete profile which helps us in designing a program. After completion of documents we will setup a call and off to the races we go!
  • How does your coaching differ from Trainer Road, Zwift or Sufferfeast?"
    These programs are great and serve a need in the industry. Our programs provide a custom apporach that targets your specific goals and needs. We also adjust your program based on your current training level. Additionally, we monitor your weekly performance so we can give meaningful feedback and make adustments.
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